We love what we do for you


On the shoot, we had great lighting, an excellent professional-grade video camera and all that.... but you can see the colors are a little washed out, the detail not as strong and the final product looks like most commercials and videos.

Is that good enough for you? Don’t you deserve the best quality you can get? Especially if it doesn’t cost any more? Sure you do. And while we’re at it, how about we combine that with a powerful script, crisp editing, great directing and an understanding of how to motivate an audience. If that sounds like a winning combo, let’s talk today.

We are capable to doing great things for you. Specifically, we are capable of making you and your organization look and sound spectacular with video that looks like film. It turns out that excellence can be yours for the price of ordinary. So why settle?

Here is a quick demonstration of the difference between film and video and why your target audience cares about the difference. 

These are a series of spots we did for CollegeOnTrack. As you can see, there is more “color information” in the shots, more depth, more “realness.” Video is great, but it’s flat medium. For comparison, watch the television spot below that we produced for Heinz.